Vision & Mission Statement

The ‘Waste-to-Energy’ and Waste Management market in India is set to be a $14bn opportunity by the year 2025. The population of 1.3 billion in India currently generates 62 million tons of municipal solid waste per year. And by 2027, India is set to become the world’s most populous country as per projections of the United Nations with 7 new megacities. At this exponential population and urban growth rate, landfills almost 90% of the size of Bengaluru would be required for dumping if the waste remains untreated. Though rapid urbanization presents a humungous challenge, with the right policy framework and action, this challenge can be turned into a golden opportunity. The scale of opportunity may be gauged by the fact that India has the potential to generate 3GW of electricity from waste by 2050. The benefits of effective waste management are immense. India presents an opportunity in numerous subsectors of waste management including municipal solid waste, electronic waste, bio-medical waste, agricultural waste, and others. It is predicted that India has the potential to generate 3GW of electricity from waste by 2050.

RACE operations involve end to end supply chain cycle for empowering the processing of this waste through multiple tollgates and bring back the waste to life through the virtues of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

Team Race is building a robust supply chain process starting from collecting / procuring the waste, adding value through quality & efficiency, to providing it as a raw material to the recycling units and also consuming it ourselves by the ways of producing go to market products which are 100% recycled. Our business operations are led by the following four objectives:

In the last few years, RACE has established its foot hole in most states of India and has built a large team of 500+ suppliers. We are catering and selling to almost every sizeable recycling organization in India ensuring the top quarter of the list considers Race as a preferred partner in the scheme of things. Team Race aspires and look forward to grow the footprint with each passing day and become a PAN India organization cultivating and supporting the entire chain through developing and deploying Business Process Management, Best Practices, Technology and L&D for this sector. Our operations also include developing adequate and relevant infrastructure to infuse efficiency and productivity to the cycle ranging from strategic warehousing to logistics to advanced machinery and so forth. 

Our Sustainability Goals