What we do for Recyclers ?

The ‘Waste-to-Energy’ and Waste Management market in India is set to be a 14bn opportunity by the year 2025. The population of 1.3 billion in India currently generates 62 million tons of municipal solid waste per year.

RACE operations involve end to end supply chain cycle for empowering the processing of this waste through multiple tollgates and bring back the waste to life through the virtues of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Team Race is building a robust supply chain process starting from collecting / procuring the waste, adding value through quality & efficiency, to providing it as a raw material to the recycling units.

RACE Artificial Intelligence enabled app, can help recyclers to procure material from waste suppliers and ensure below benefits:

Quality – RACE will ensure that recyclers will get quality raw materials from our internally audited waste suppliers.

Tonnage – RACE have an exclusive network of waste suppliers and recyclers can get the required / requested tonnage of material at any time of the year. Also we can fulfill bulk order requirements of our recyclers.

Consistency – RACE have built a system to rate and audit their waste suppliers so that recyclers can have consistent and good quality of material without worrying about the quantity as no hording practice is done by our waste suppliers.