Biomass Fuel Briquettes (A renewable energy source from biomass waste)

Effective from financial year of 21-22, Race stepped into Cleaner Fuel Energy which is a substitute to conventional coal and is called Biomass Fuel Briquettes or White Coal which is a renewable energy source from biomass waste.   Biomass Fuel Briquettes are made of agro waste usually called paralli and known as agro waste and residual of wheat, rice husk, ground shell, mustered husk and wood waste. Race has been successful is getting some of the premium clients of this product on our wagon in such a short span of time and this vertical is growing in folds with every passing quarter. To name a few clients, we have with us RELIANCE, CEAT, ORIENT   BELL, PEPSICO ETC. and we were able to transact ~ 2.80 Crores during FY 2021-22 which is proposed to grow to the tune of 10 Crores during the current financial year 2022-23.