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We are RACE (Recycling and Circular Economy)- an environmentally conscious initiative with a mission to reduce the carbon footprint caused by waste plastic. Our complete vertical set up is responsible from the collection & audit of the 'waste' to the end product using AI & establishing networks to enable Traceability.

RACE has built an Artificial Intelligence enabled app, using block chain for secure transactions to connect buyers and sellers. Recycled pet fabric processed at our GRS (Global Recycle Standards) certified spinning and weaving mills come with the Traceable circle of trust, a first time ever!

RACE Eco chain is involved in aggregation of plastic waste and production of recycled products investing in an idea whose time has come. Promoting a niche line of products made from recycled plastic of the highest quality, promoting sustainability and providing e2e traceability.

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Arham Plastics

It's always a pleasure to work with RACE and his team. They are personable, responsive, and results-oriented!

Star Enterprises

I have been more than satisfied with RACE loyality, detail to knowledge, and innovative ability to build up the business in PET Industry. I am very satisfied and have been a customer since that first phone call.

Arham Plastics

RACE has been a great help to our company and we wouldn't be where we're at without you!

Claasic Enterprises

I have been extremely impressed with your entire organization (RACE) at every touchpoint, lots of respect for building an awesome company with an amazing experience

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